Litchko & Associates, Inc.

Proactive, Innovative, Practical Solutions

Litchko & Associates provides proactive, innovative and practical solutions for industry and government managers and executives to succeed.

Current key focus areas are to help them understand the cybersecurity Risk Management Framework and meet FISMA metrics, to gain professional certifications, and to develop ideas and solutions for advancing their careers.

We accomplish these by providing seminars, guides and tools.

Litchko & Associates has supported many organizations, to include: Honeywell, Symantec, SAIC, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Chief of Naval Operations, Defense Information Systems Agency, USAF, USN, USA, FBI, NSA, NASA, Social Security Agency, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Homeland Security, MIS Training Institute, SANS Institute, Performance Institute, Global Knowledge, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, DARPA, National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Canadian Embassy, and many others.

“It has been a pleasure working with you and thanks so much for transitioning your thought leadership and knowledge of Cyberwolf from MountainWave to Symantec.”

–Keith Bodel, Director of Federal Operations, Symantec Corporation